COVID Safety


From 14 October 2022, it is no longer mandatory to self-isolate at home if you test positive to COVID-19. If you have symptoms or have tested positive to COVID-19, Queensland Health strongly recommends you:

  • stay home to isolate until you no longer have acute respiratory symptoms
  • wear a face mask in an indoor setting and if you are unable to physically distance outside for at least 7 days after testing positive to COVID-19

If you get COVID-19, or have symptoms, follow the steps below. These important steps protect yourself and others.

Isolate and take precautions whilst infectious

Isolation is an effective way of reducing the spread of all respiratory viruses, including COVID-19. You should stay at home whilst infectious to help prevent infecting others.

Queensland Health strongly recommends that you stay and home and isolate, until:

  • your symptoms have substantially reduced and
  • you gone for at least 24 hours without a fever, without using fever-reducing painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

In addition:

you should:

  • wear a face mask covering your mouth whenever you are in an indoor setting outside the home
  • avoid contact with people who are a higher risk of severe disease
  • wash your hands regularly
  • practice good respiratory hygiene (such as covering your cough)

Lastly: Continue to report absentees due to COVID via the College app