COVID Safety

March 2021 Updates

Advice as at 3:00pm, Monday 29 March 2021

You will have seen that there have been several Covid-19 cases in Greater Brisbane and that the area has been declared a Hotspot.

The following guidance is current for Toowoomba Catholic Schools;

  1. Staff who live in one of the affected LGA areas and travel to the Diocese for work are to follow the lockdown requirements by self-isolating at home for the 3 day period from 5pm today.
  2. As per standard advice, staff who have travelled to the specific exposure sites (being updated on the government website) are to follow the lockdown requirements by being tested and self-isolating until a negative result is confirmed.
  3. Staff who have travelled to the affected LGA areas since 20 March 2021 are required to follow the three (3) day lockdown from 5pm today. In discussions with QCEC, it is recognised that this requirement may significantly impact the staffing levels in some schools and their ability to deliver curriculum. As such, the focus for the remainder of this week will be on supervision of students rather than curriculum delivery in those schools.
  4. Students should also self-isolate if their circumstances are per points 1,2 and 3.
  5. Anyone with symptoms should self-isolate and be tested.

I have made the following decisions regarding the safe operation of the College.

  1. Any student who has been in the Brisbane Local Government Area between 20 March and now cannot attend the College or any other College activities until the Chief Health Officer advises that the lockdown has been ended. 
  2. All staff who have been in the Brisbane Local Government Area between 20 March and now cannot attend the College or any other College activities until the Chief Health Officer advises that the lockdown has been ended. 
  3. All non-essential out of hours meetings (that is, not directly involving delivery of curriculum) are postponed.Staff absence will have significant implications for our operations for the remainder of this term. At this point, 19 of our teaching and administration staff will be required to stay home.
  4. Despite these challenges, please note that the College remains open. Full delivery of curriculum may not be possible in some areas due to staff absences. In these instances, we will focus on supervising learning activities.
  5. The year 11 camp will be proceeding as planned.
  6. The year 12 retreat is postponed due to students and staff having to self-isolate. Students are encouraged to either study at the College, or use the time at home to revise key concepts already taught.
  7. The year 1 & 2 excursion to the Empire Theatre is continuing as planned.
  8. The P and F AGM scheduled for tonight is postponed.

If there is any change to these decisions we will communicate as soon as possible.

It would be greatly appreciated if parents could keep checking correspondence from the College up to the Easter break. In the event of a case at the College we will enact evacuation and cleaning procedures.

Advice as at 2:30pm, Tuesday 30 March 2021

We have received advice that overnight the Chief Health Officer has confirmed that all school staff across the state including teacher aides, administration staff and cleaners are considered essential workers and as such can attend their school for work. This includes staff who have visited Brisbane since 20 March 2021, provided they are well and have not been at one of the listed venues during the times indicated on the Queensland Health Website.

Advice remains that students who visited the Greater Brisbane LGAs are to continue with the lockdown arrangements where possible.  However, similar to staff, provided they have not been in any of the specific listed venues and are not displaying any symptoms, they are able to attend school.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete the form below to inform the College if your child will be returning to the College for Wednesday and Thursday.

Please ensure you continue to monitor the Queensland Health website and frequently asked questions for updates to affected locations.

If you are unwell or develop any COVID-19 symptoms at all, please get tested immediately.

As you have experienced over the last 24 hours, advice can change rapidly and with little notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide you with further updates should the health information change.