Sport & Extra-Curricular

Students at Mary MacKillop are encouraged to adopt attitudes and behaviours that enable them to be lifelong participants in worthwhile physical activity. With both team and individual options, our goal is to ensure all students have the opportunity to pursue an activity of interest. Involvement in sport is a vital part of a balanced educational experience.  Mary MacKillop students are provided with activities ranging from fun, social options, through to involvement with local sport competitions and representative sport pathways.  

College Sports Carnivals are a wonderful opportunity for the Mary MacKillop community to come together and celebrate competition, teamwork, house spirit and tenacity. Students who perform well at these events may gain selection in teams to represent the College at district carnivals.   Students may then be selected for higher representative honours. Participation in the Catholic Schools Sports program allows students to develop friendships and friendly rivalries with students from other Diocesan schools. Our Highfields location allows students to retain their connections to local club sport which is a major part of the local community. As a developing P-12 College, we are in a wonderful position to align with local sporting clubs and capitalise on the high levels of participation in weekend sport activities and tailor our options to the needs and interests of our students. We enter teams into a number of different competitions which may include carnivals, gala days, school-based weekly competition, community-based weekly competition, community events and house competitions. 

Sports offered as part of the Mary MacKillop Catholic College sports program may include:

Rugby 7s
Touch Football
Cross Country