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Guidance Counsellor Resources

Our College is fortunate to have two College Guidance Counsellors who are both qualified Clinical Psychologists and work in a proactive manner across our P-12 College with all students, staff and parents.

Upcoming Events...

We are excited to extend an invitation to all Mary MacKillop Parents and Caregivers, College Staff, and Year 11 - 12 students to attend a wellbeing event, Thursday, 8 September at 5:30pm, for a 6pm start. All attendees will gain access to a digital resource pack that will empower adaptive coping and wellbeing. A lucky door prize along with light refreshments are also provided as we come together as a community to support a very worthy cause. 

We are not immune to challenging times and must be proactive in managing our individual wellbeing first, as we also come together to build the collective wellbeing of the Mary MacKillop Catholic College community. On the night, we will have a LIVIN representative speaking to their mental health experience and why an awareness of where you sit along the mental health continuum at any point in time is important. This presentation normalises fluctuations in mental health and wellbeing, and promotes adaptive coping and social connections to support a state of wellness. 

The LIVIN program aims to break the stigma of mental health, enhance self-efficacy (both helping yourself and helping others), and encourage help-seeking. More information is available at https://livin.org/. Merchandise will be available to purchase at this event.

  • Currently enrolled families of Mary MacKillop Catholic College - register via the email sent to you 
  • Wider community members and College Staff - REGISTER HERE

Mental Health Resource Pack

How to use our interactive Mental Health Resouce Pack:

Flip through or download using the arrow in the top left corner of the box below. Use the icon in the bottome right corner to enter full screen mode and make the most of this resource pack!  And remember, if in doubt, reach out!