Your Senior Pathway

Welcome to Your Pathway! The College is excited to announce a new initiative for 2021 aimed at assisting senior students in developing ideas around their future pathways. Your Pathway is determined by YOU! The new Your Pathway team are here to help you discover opportunities that are available to you now, while you're still in school, all the way through to graduation.

Upcoming Events

On 25 November we held a Virtual Information Session aimed at students commencing Year 10.  Watch this recording below!

Work Experience

All students in Year 10 will be required to attend work experience during Activities Week at the end of Term 1. Those involved in other activities during this week can do their work experience during school holidays later in the year.  Students seeking a school-based traineeship/apprenticeship may be able to undertake further work experience towards the end of Year 10.

In Years 11 and 12, you are able to complete further work experience in your holidays.


Subject Selection

Your Pathway Team

Kris Naiker
Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning Senior
Jennifer Stevenson
Career Development Practitioner
Christie Richardson
Career Support Officer