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Research suggests that music is vital in the development of young minds as it promotes use of new neurological pathways, encourages creativity and problem solving skills and gives students an alternative avenue for expressing ideas and emotions. Mary MacKillop Catholic College therefore promotes the importance of music education to all students whether it is in the classroom or through extra-curricular programs.

Classroom Music 

Junior School

Each Prep to Year 6 class has access to 40 minutes of classroom music each week. Taught by a specialist classroom music teacher, students are led through a variety of activities including singing to encourage creativity and a love of music. 

Senior School

In Year 7 and 8 all students participate in a semester of Music Education. Students build on their knowledge in the junior school while accessing different instruments such as piano and guitar. Students are required to complete assessment in the areas of Making (Performance and Composition) and Responding (Music Analysis and Reflection).

In Year 9 and 10 Music students elect to take the subject for the entire year. Students in Year 9 and 10 music continue to perform, compose and analyse music. At this stage the class work is focused on preparing students for Senior Music. A higher level of performance on an instrument is required.

Year 11 and 12 Music is a subject the College is prepared for as it continues to reach into the Senior School.

Extra-Curricular Music


Currently the College has a number of ensembles available for its students to access. These ensembles are coordinated by classroom music teachers as well as specialist instrumental staff. Any student is encouraged to join these ensembles that suit their particular interests and talents.

Being a member of an ensemble requires students to commit to attending all rehearsals and performances. Parents are encouraged to discuss this commitment with their child.

Instrumental Music

The College has a large instrumental music program which continues to evolve and grow. Students are taught by independent instrumental specialists who utilise College facilities for lessons.

If your child is interested in beginning lessons at the College please refer to the Instrumental Music Handbook or contact Mrs Jessica Burke (