Junior Curriculum

Mary MacKillop Catholic College provides a quality education for all junior school year levels, from Prep to Year 6. 

Within these year levels, students are provided with not only an exceptional education, but are also more than adequately prepared for high school and their future undertakings. 

  • During the early stages of Prep to Year 2, the College will provide a strong and solid foundation for all of a child’s future learning endeavours. Our highly qualified staff provide individualised programs which nurture and cater to each child's needs and interests. 
  • Years 3 to 4 continue to develop each child's learning journey. The highly qualified staff build upon each student's needs and interests to develop their future goals.  
  • Year 5 and 6 continue to explore each child's development by providing a wide range of experiences and opportunities. Leadership training, service to others, camps and a wide range of curriculum opportunities are provided. Transition to high school is also considered during this time. 


The College encourages an approach of excellence in all endeavours. Students are taught subjects across nine Learning Areas. Class teachers follow the Australian Curriculum for subjects of Religion, English, Mathematics, Science, HaSS, The Arts, LOTE, HPE and Technology. As a Catholic College, in the Toowoomba Diocese, our class teachers follow the curriculum of Catholic Studies as directed by the Diocese of Brisbane Catholic Education. 

Significant emphasis is given to literacy and numeracy. Students engage in Stamina Reading and all students are subscribed to Mathletics. Each of these programs have documented data to show their positive effects on student performance. 

Specialist teachers are responsible for teaching a range of subjects within the core curriculum. All children from Prep to Year 6 are taught by subject specialists in the areas of Music, Health and Physical Education, Library, Language (Italian), Drama and Dance. 

The College operates from an attitude of excellence, expecting that each child will work hard and be supported in their academic pursuits. We believe that every child can and will achieve to high standards. The College achieves this by: 

  1. Leading Effective teaching 
  2. Designing opportunities for rigorous learning in an environment which promotes inclusion and collaboration 
  3. Developing expert learners and 
  4. Personalising and connecting learning 

Further information on the Australian Curriculum can be found here.