Work Experience in High Demand Industries

Friday, 13 May 2022

With over 280 days of work experience completed last term in 57 placements, work experience has again been one of the most engaging programs for our year 10 students. And with the most popular fields being Mechanics, Engineering, Education, Childcare, Construction and Veterinary our year 10 students are exploring pathways of high demand.

For a lot of students work experience is the first opportunity they have had to explore a work place and understand what a full week of work feels like. We have heard from parents that their children were exhausted after a few full days of work experience and didn't even have the energy to disagree with them. School isn't that bad after all.

We have had an outstanding response to how Mary MacKillop students presented, conducted and engaged in work experience, a couple of students were even offered School Based Traineeships as a result of their attitude and aptitude to their task.

We are eternal grateful to all of our hosts who are always so accommodating when it comes to taking our students for work experience.

Please enjoy some of the snaps of our students hard at work.

Pathways Team
Jennifer Stevenson & Christie Richardson