When Cricket Dreams Become a Reality

Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Being selected for an Australian sporting team is an achievement many can only dream about but for Mary MacKillop Catholic College’s Year 11 student, Nicolene Snyman, her dream is about to become a reality. After Nicolene’s outstanding performance at the Indoor Cricket National Championships, she has been specifically selected in the Junior Australian Touring Team for the World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) Junior Series. 

Still riding the excitement of winning the grand final in the Indoor Cricket National Championships against the Western Australia team in June, Nicolene got the call that she had been selected for the Australian team. She was shocked but extremely excited to play at such a competitive level and improve her cricket skills.

During September, Nicolene will fly all the way to Dubai with her teammates and compete with teams from around the world. The opportunity to play for Australia is astonishing, “I love being able to go overseas to Dubai for cricket. I am very excited to play at such a competitive level and improve my skills,” she says. 

This is an incredible achievement and does not come without a lot of hard work and training from Nicolene. Each weekend she travels down to Brisbane to play for Wynnum Manly and attends team training among the multiple training sessions in Toowoomba and Brisbane, throughout the week.  

Nicolene would tell younger students who also aspire to play for Australia, that putting in the effort is the most important thing you can do. She says, “It’s important to always have fun and enjoy what you are doing and give it 100%”. 

What an incredible display of perseverance Nicolene has shown, to be playing for Australia and proving that hard work and dedication really does pay off!