The "new norm" for career pathways

Friday, 05 Nov 2021

Year 12 student Mikayla Rieck was recently awarded the 2021 Mayoral Award for her perseverance, passion and constant dreaming of possibilities, all attributes of College patron saint, Mary MacKillop.

Mikayla was shocked to hear she would be attending the Mayoral Awards, recently held at the Highfields Cultural Centre, and humbly assumed there were far more deserving applicants than herself. “I felt like my story was only a small one compared to some of the stories of other students who had faced major adversities in their life” says Mikayla.

On submitting a nomination for Mikayla, Principal Chris Gabbett says “ Despite having significant learning challenges, she was determined to achieve her goal of becoming a nurse. Not only was she successful in completing her Certificate III in Individual Support, her employers recognised her natural talents and tasked her with training university students in the workplace.”

Mikayla also serves her community through her involvement with Meals on Wheels and volunteers with Murphy’s Creek Fire Brigade, fighting fires and supporting emergency service crew in rescues and accidents. “The thrill of fighting fires and being first on scene is like an adrenalin rush. Supporting people in vulnerable situations and being exposed to hospitals and illness from a young age has helped me develop my passion to pursue a career in health” says Mikayla.

Mikayla completing her School Based Apprenticeship in Individual Support.

After Year 12, Mikayla is pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse by enrolling in the Diploma of Nursing course at TAFE. “The care and compassion she demonstrated to some of the most vulnerable in our society, is to be admired” says Mr Gabbett.

Pathways after secondary education were once linear, but in the 21st century they can take many forms and many roads, Mikayla’s teachers and the support of the College Pathway’s Team have provided Mikayla with a tailored pathway, with hands-on experience to help her achieve success. A pathway that is becoming the new norm.