The Inaugural College Ski Trip

Friday, 14 July 2023

After a super busy Term 2, our Senior students were off to Perisher for a week at the slopes on an overnight coach. Arriving at the lodge a little tired and weary, they collected all their equipment and snow gear and took to the slopes for lessons in skiing or snowboarding. The resort hosted a range of activities each evening like magic shows and live music which was the perfect chance to catch up and tell stories about the day. 

For many of our senior students, this was there first-time seeing snow, “My favourite part was when the snow was falling on the third day, before then I had not seen snow, it was so surreal at first,” said Year 12 student, Elise. There were many moments during the trip where our students had to test their patience and show support and encouragement to their peers as they tested their balance on the skis and worked together to build their confidence on the slopes.  

This inaugural ski trip gave a lot of our senior students the chance to interact with other students and teachers they ordinarily would not have. Bella, a Year 12 student, spoke about her experience of the trip and said, “It was a chance to become closer with your friends, learn a new skill, see snow for the first time, and explore different parts of Australia.” The trip created an environment where everyone was learning a completely new skill and each person could rely on the group as a team to encourage each other.   

This was the first ski trip for Mary MacKillop Catholic College, by all reports, it won’t be the last!