Students and Staff Shave in Solidarity

Feature Articles Friday, 19 Mar 2021

Last Friday, 10 students and 5 staff members in the Senior College sacrificed the hair on their heads, legs and chins to raise funds for, and awareness of, blood-related cancers. 

Over the past month, the Mary MacKillop World's Greatest Shave team have worked consistently to promote the team's fundraising page, as well as their individual links, to obtain donations. While we started with the goal of $1000, this was very quickly attained and the goal shifted to $2000. Before our World's Greatest Shave event last Friday, the total sat at $6800, excluding a generous $300 donation from our Actioning Mary MacKillop Advocacy (AMMA) group and the profits of a cupcake sale run by Mr Cavanough's senior Business class.

In total, over $7000 has been raised, with donations coming in from College staff, other students, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. Thank you to our community who dug deep to assist the Mary MacKillop team, whether this was through sponsorship or messages of support left on the fundraising page. The event itself was highly entertaining and—dare I say—liberating for some who lost beards, leg hairs or cut their hair short for the cause! We were joined by the dedicated team members from Styles hairdressers and Bou's For Men, both local Highfields businesses.

Well done to the following staff and students who participated on Friday:

Mr Gabbett, Mr Fowkes, Mr Griffiths, Mr Bracken, Mr Brunner, Lawson Smith, Kurtis Smith, Riley Smithard, Ryley Schmaling, Maclean Everist, Logan Rolph, Kaitlyn Greenhalgh, Keira Lucy, Caleb Mifsud and Reagan Pugsley.

While all of the team worked hard to procure funds for the cause, special mention needs to be given to the following students who raised significant amounts of money towards the team total. Brothers, Lawson and Kurtis Smith, fundraised approximately $2000 between them. Year 8 student, Keira Lucy, raised just over $700. Riley Smithard, who shaved his head, raised $528; and Kaitlyn Greenhalgh secured just shy of $500. 

We hope you saw all the shenanigans on Friday's local WIN news and 7 news. If not, these videos are available on our Facebook page. If you missed out on contributing to the cause, the link is still open and we welcome any last-minute donations.

Leisa Radley
Director of Formation and College Culture (7-12)