Serving Others in the Community

Feature Articles Friday, 18 Sept 2020

Throughout the year, our students do things to support organisations in their role of supporting the less fortunate or vulnerable.  As part of our Feast Day activities, some students cooked biscuits for Tony's Kitchen and Rosies. Recently, we received a thank you letter from the members of Tony's Kitchen thanking us very much for our wonderful gift.  This letter is attached for you to read and find our how our gift supported their organisation.   

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the Rosies School Support Program will not be proceeding this year.  We look forward to 2021 where we will hopefully be able to recommence this service with Rosies.  Jim and Fay Stein have sent a message for us as well...

"A huge thank you to you all.....especially the great bakers of the beautifully presented biscuits. We know our Wednesday and Sunday patrons will be peering in the box looking to see what special treats are for their afternoon tea and that they will be reading the message sent with love from the College. We can’t tell you enough how much enjoyment this brings to their lives making them valued as a person. They always ask us to pass on their thanks for the time and effort that has gone into making the biscuits especially for them. We would really appreciate it if you could pass on this message of thanks to everyone who has gifted their time to make a difference."

Once again - Thank you to everyone who supports our school in supporting these organisations in their role in the community.