Growth in Learning

Monday, 09 Nov 2020

As we head into the final the exams and assignments of year, as parents, we often ask our children, “did you pass” or “what did you get?” While answers to these types of questions provides some information, it does not give the real picture of the student’s progress.

One way to discuss with your child their academic results is by talking about their growth in learning. This involves discussing about the specific skills they have improved in and their academic achievement each term or semester. For example, a student may have continued to achieve a C+ in History for the year, but they could share that throughout the year, their research skills and referencing skills have improved significantly. This is growth and needs to be acknowledged.

Another way to discuss growth is to compare the two report cards. No matter how small the improvement, growth needs to be celebrated. In preparation for 2021, our teachers in the Senior School will be examining the data that we have gathered for student growth. This will identify our strengths, but also highlight the areas we need to address to ensure all our students are experiencing growth in their learning.

Kris Naiker
Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning: Senior