Growing a Greener Future at MMCC

Friday, 10 Sep 2021

Hi, my name’s Lane, and I’m writing this article to showcase the newly formed Mary MacKillop Catholic College Environment Club! Under the Guidance of Ms. Manners, a small group of students and myself recently formed the Mary MacKillop Catholic College Environment Club (or MMCCEC for short) so that we can work towards the club’s motto of “Growing a greener future.” The club seeks to address potential environmental concerns at the college, as well as implementing other sustainable practices on campus, and supporting and participating in other environmental activities outside of the college. We want to leave a legacy of considerate, sustainable environmental initiatives at MMCC after our time here is over.

Recently we have partnered with the AMMA group to start collecting containers for change. For those who have not heard of Containers for Change, it is a government initiative that encourages recycling by offering a 10-cent refund for bringing certain recyclable containers to collection points across the state. The club and AMMA hopes to spend money raised from collecting bottles around the college on various other initiatives and charities at the college. If you have any bottles, you have been collecting at home, please feel free to bring them into the college, to any of our four collection points (at Ignatius, the Café, and two in Penola). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in getting this initiative off the ground and integrating it as common practice at the college.

We have more ideas in the making for the future of the college and the greater community, so keep an eye out for future updates. However, that’s it for now from the MMCCEC - thank you for your support!

Lane Richardson
Year 11 Student