College Race Day Funds shared throughout the drought affected Granite Belt

News & Events Friday, 08 Nov 2019

From one community to another – Mary MacKillop Catholic College shows support for businesses and families on the Granite Belt.

Mary MacKillop Catholic College together with seven event sponsors and the generosity of the community, have now donated over $13,000 from their recent Race Day to the Granite Belt community in light of the current drought and recent bushfires.

The profits were split three ways into the community, to reach as many as possible, while still having a significant impact. As many as 10 local businesses participated, with the College purchasing vouchers to then be donated to the Rural Fire volunteers as well as students and their families for back-to-school supplies.

College Principal, Chris Gabbett says that “being able to support small local businesses by purchasing vouchers and then also giving back to Rural Fire Volunteers and helping another Catholic school in our diocese, it’s a win-win situation”.

Funds were also donated to the Stanthorpe Group Rural Fire Brigade to assist with the preparations for the continuing extreme fire conditions this season.

St Joseph’s School Stanthorpe recently hosted a local shopping tour of the Granite Belt, inviting staff and families of the Toowoomba Catholic Schools diocese to show their support of the town during these tough times.  Mary MacKillop Catholic College has continued to show its support of those in drought affected communities, with senior students establishing a dedicated social justice action group.  The message is simple, and echoes the famous words of St Mary MacKillop – “never see a need without doing something about it”!