Breaking Ground on New Oval Development

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Breaking ground on the new oval development at Mary MacKillop Catholic College, Highfields.

Mary MacKillop Catholic College in Highfields broke ground this week on a new Oval Development, an initiative that will support the growth and development of Sport and Extracurricular events at a College and regional level.

Stage 1 of the nearly $650k project supported by the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office and Diocesan Development Fund will see a 10,700m2 green space developed into a multi-purpose sports oval.  The project lead by Mr Athol Gossow of FKG Construction and designed by Lester Ehrlich of Elia Architects will include coloured block retaining walls, galvanized balustrades, steel stairs, concrete pad, turfing and line marking. Stages 2 and 3 of this development will see nets, scoreboards and lights to facilitate evening games.

In 2019 as a new Principal to the College, Mr Chris Gabbett pledged his vision of this oval to the community, and now in his fourth year, he’s delighted to be making good on a promise he is very passionate about.  Mr Gabbett said “Modern sporting facilities are essential for our students to access a holistic education.  Just as important as we grow though is the need for our senior College students to access flat play spaces to exercise at break times.  I am very much looking forward to seeing this work completed”.  

A community focused endeavor from the beginning, the early stages of this development commenced in 2020 with soil acquired from a nearby construction site being delivered by College family and local business, Scrivens Haulage and engineering conducted by College PPF Co-Chair, Shayne Cleary of Reid’s Consulting.  Committed to environmental stewardship and providing sustainable resources as they grow, this new green space that will bridge the gap between the junior and senior campus and will house a water irrigation system serviced by the College bore.

Mr Gabbett, together with Mr Gossow, Mr Ehrlich and key stakeholders kicked-off this 12-week project on Wednesday, 25 May with a prestart meeting and induction commencing at the site.