7 Unusual Jobs for the Business Enthusiast

Feature Articles Friday, 09 June 2023

The traditional 9-to-5 office grind isn’t right for all of us. If you have a passion for business but are searching for something a bit more unconventional, below explores seven unusual jobs for business enthusiasts – see if there’s one that might be right for you.

Business coach

Are you passionate about helping others unlock their full potential? Consider becoming a business coach. Many people out there have a great idea or possess exceptional talent but lack the business knowledge to monetise their work effectively. As a business coach, you can guide them in developing marketing strategies, managing finances, and building their brand, while also providing the encouragement and support they need to thrive.

Ethical hacker

Do you have a knack for technology and a strong moral compass? If so, a career as an ethical hacker might be just what you’re looking for. Ethical hackers, also known as white-hat hackers, work with organisations to identify and fix potential security vulnerabilities in their systems. By using your business and technical expertise, you can help companies safeguard their sensitive data and protect their reputation from cyber threats.

VR experience designer

Are you fascinated by the possibilities of virtual reality (VR)? Combine your love for business and technology by becoming a virtual reality experience designer. In this role, you’ll create immersive virtual environments for various industries, such as real estate, tourism, construction, or education. By using your understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends, you can design VR experiences that drive engagement and boost brand recognition for your clients.

Influencer or celebrity social media manager

In the age of social media, being famous is a dream for many. However, behind every successful influencer and celebrity is a dedicated social media manager who handles their brand partnerships, negotiations, and overall business strategy. If you have excellent communication skills, a keen eye for trends, and a knack for relationship building, consider becoming a social media manager. This exciting job allows you to collaborate with talented celebrities and content creators and help shape their brand while ensuring their long-term success.

Futurist consultant

Are you a visionary thinker with a strong business knack? Embrace your forward-thinking mindset by becoming a futurist consultant. As a futurist, you’ll analyse emerging trends, technological advancements, and societal shifts to predict the future of various industries. By providing valuable insights to businesses, you can help them make informed decisions, adapt to change, and gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving world.

Professional organiser

Are you naturally organised and enjoy creating order out of chaos? Becoming a professional organiser might be the perfect fit for you. As a professional organiser, you’ll help individuals and businesses declutter their spaces, streamline their workflows, and optimise their productivity. Your business skills will come in handy as you develop customised organisational systems, provide practical advice, and guide your clients towards a more efficient and harmonious environment.

Event marketing specialist

Are you the life of the party, with a knack for marketing and organising? Consider becoming an event marketing specialist. In this role, you’ll plan and execute innovative marketing campaigns centred around events, conferences, or trade shows. By combining your creativity, strategic thinking, and business knowledge, you can create unforgettable experiences for attendees while generating valuable leads and boosting brand awareness for your clients.

Remember, the world of business is constantly evolving, and new opportunities are emerging every day – so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and explore pathways that align with your passions.

Your Pathway Team
Jennifer Stevenson and Christie Richardson