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MacKillop Scholarship

Eligibility | The MacKillop Scholarship aims to encourage applicants from Year 4-12 who go the extra mile for others in their community. St Mary MacKillop was a visionary leader who defined her faith via service of others in her community, particularly the vulnerable. We seek to model her actions at our College via targeted outreach and creation of a culture of kindness. 

Criteria | A young person who has a successful track record of supporting others in their community, as outlined by references and in interview and who can continue to make a positive contribution to the social justice program and outreach elements of the College. 

Example | This can be hard to articulate – you may find it useful to look at the examples below which we have linked to explicitly Catholic language to assist in understanding.  

  • Advocacy: An example of this is supporting wider causes like the environment through letter writing or fundraising.  
  • Witness: This means acting in a way that shows you support a cause or a vulnerable group. A person wearing a ribbon in support of a cause or movement is an example of witness. 
  • Service/Solidarity: This means actually doing – for example, cooking for Rosie’s, fundraising for a local charity and volunteering for a group like St Vincent de Paul. At a local level, it is as simple as helping an elderly neighbour with chores.  
  • A culture of kindness: This can be harder to define but we view it as very important. We are seeking young people who have shown they are positive, inclusive, welcoming and can evidence this.  

Value | Up to 50% of your total school fees | Up to 3 years  

Closing Date | Always open

Available Scholarships | 10