Traffic & Parking

As a College in a busy and growing Highfields community, we want to ensure everyone's safety as they enter and exit the campus on all modes of transport.  This page will provide information on general traffic policies and any changes to traffic conditions due to internal or external factors. If you have any queries on this matter or the safety of our community members, please email our Workplace Health & Safety Officer here.


The first weeks of the new school year are usually the most hectic as we all get back to normal or adjust to new routines, so it is important to be very cautious when driving. 

Please follow the guidance below to ensure that we share our site safely.   

  1. Be alert. Dropping off or collecting from school means sharing the roads with young pedestrians. Children are often unpredictable, so pay extra attention when driving in the school areas. Don’t forget to watch out for pedestrians when parking. 
  2. Reverse Park. It’s safer. When you reverse into a space ensure you are going into a designated space with no vehicle and pedestrian traffic. You will then have better visibility when you leave, rather than trying to back out slowly into unknown traffic or pedestrians. 
  3. Walk. Consider parking on Highfields Road, Highgrove Drive, Lauder Drive or Kratzke Road and walk into the College to reduce the traffic flow. Some areas have restricted parking so check for signs or yellow lines. 
  4. Drop and go. Make use of the College drop and go zones when dropping off in the morning.   
    1. Senior: In the Senior Car Park off Kratzke Road 
    2. Junior: The section of road beside Uluru.  Off Highfields Road, follow the internal road straight down to the loop at the bottom and drive up to just before the crossing.   
    3. Prep Horseshoe:  Off Highfields Road, turn right to the top circle. 
    4. These areas are drop and go.  Note there is no parking allowed in these areas in the morning and drivers should not exit vehicles.  Students must disembark kerb side. 
  5. Prep Horseshoe in the PM. This area is for parking only in the afternoons as it is not supervised. Parents may park here but must walk to Uluru to collect students. Please do not queue waiting for parks in this space, as it interrupts traffic flow on Highfields Road. If there are no parks do the loop and park in the Junior car park opposite admin. 
  6. Pick up. There are three supervised areas for pickup in the afternoon:  
    1. Uluru in the Junior College. 
    2. The Senior Car Park  
    3. The back gate near the tennis courts on Highgrove Drive.  
  7. Uluru PM. All Junior students are escorted to Uluru by their teachers where they are: 
    1. Collected by day care providers 
    2. Met by parents on the front top level of Uluru  
    3. Able to make their way to the senior school for buses or to be picked up 
    4. Wait on the lower level for drive through pick up 
    5. Walk or ride home via pedestrian access points across the College 
  8. Look Out! Look Out! Program cards can be collected at Junior reception. Drivers can use these cards to display their family name on the vehicle visor to facilitate pick-up. 
  9. Exit. Turn left onto Highfields Road when exiting Junior. 
  10. Remember the speed limit is 10km per hour and to use pedestrian crossings when crossing internal roads. 

There are currently no changes to College Traffic procedures. Check back for changes that may occur due to construction or external roadworks.