Musical Backing Track Links

Vocal Backing Tracks  

So that all cast members can practice their vocals at home over the holidays, please find a list of backing tracks that we use in rehearsal and during Production week. All lead cast members with individual solos or group vocals have already been emailed their backing tacks. 

The full score can be found on You Tube so that students are aware of cues and parts. A link to the You Tube version can be found here: 

Madagascar- A Musical Adventure Jr.: vocal track 1) It’s Showtime - YouTube 

    1. It’s Showtime (ALL CAST) 
    2. Wild and Free (ALL CAST)
    3. Welcome to Me (for Lead Lemurs and ensemble Lemurs)
    4. I Like to Move It (ALL CAST)
    5. Steak (for those involved)
    6. Living in Paradise (ALL CAST)
    7. Foosa Hungry (for Zookeepers and ensemble Foosa)
    8. Together Forever (ALL CAST)