Our Community

P&F Association

Parents are a major stakeholder within the College community. The role of the P&F Association at Mary MacKillop Catholic College is to support the school community by:

  • Working in partnership with the Principal and staff, in encouraging the optimum spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth of all students
  • Promote the principles of Catholic Education
  • Promote interaction between home, school parents and teachers
  • Develop a school community within the Christian ethos
  • Promote the school within the wider community
  • Create a forum for discussion and provide an avenue for decision making
  • Assist in providing resources to the school where necessary
  • Organising functions to facilitate community building
  • Planning fundraising activities.

The P & F Association meets on the second Tuesday of each month. All are welcome to come along and support the College community.

College Board

Mary MacKillop Catholic College has an advisory board consisting of the principal, other members of staff, parent and parish representatives, which meet on the second Tuesday of each month. 

Its main functions are:

  • to enhance the partnership between the College, families and the parish
  • to give parental advice to the principal
  • to provide feedback from parents to College staff
  • to represent parents of our College when required
  • to review College policy and procedures.